Harley Davidson Air Horn Kits

The Kleinn HOGKIT will fit any 1979 and later Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the classic “cowbell” horn cover. Our 100% Bolt-On Harley-Davidson dual air horn system replaces the factory horn.  Everything needed for the installation is included. Your factory “cowbell” horn cover is retained to cover the direct-drive air compressor.

The HOGKIT is available in both Chrome and Satin Black.

For all 1979 to current Harley-Davidson motorcycles with classic “COWBELL” horn cover. Our 100% bolt-on air horn system for Harleys completely replaces the weak factory horn setup with a Kleinn 132 decibel dual air horn. The system bolts to the factory horn mounting location with a
Kleinn Direct Fit mounting bracket. Everything needed for installation is provided. Available in satin black or chrome finish for those who demand a show-winning appearance. The HOGKIT uses the factory “cowbell” horn cover to hide the 12-volt direct drive air compressor.

  • Incredible 132 Decibel Blast – They’ll Know You’re There!
  • Kleinn Direct Fit Mounting Bracket Bolts to Factory Horn Location
  • Includes DD-1 Direct Drive Air Compressor
  • Replaces the Weak Factory Horn with a Kleinn Air Horn
  • All Necessary Hardware and Wiring Included
  • Fast and Easy Installation

Note: Cowbell horn cover not included with the kit. Your factory original horn cover will be used.

Chrome or Satin Black Dual Horn Systems