We’ve made it easier for you.

Our vehicle specific train horn kits are made to bolt on and installation is fast.  We specifically designed our kits to eliminate the need to drill holes into your perfectly good truck.  With the right engineering, our kits fit perfectly and look professionally installed every time.


Kleinn Train Horns Parts and Accessories

Kleinn Air Horns specializes in making vehicle-specific horn systems that bolt on for quick and easy installation. Upgrade your factory horn to an air horn with a Kleinn air horn kit. We also stock Kleinn train horns and train horn accessories. Order a complete horn and onboard air system kit that allows you to easily mount an air tank and compressor and install an air horn. These kits make it possible for you to honk your aftermarket horn and inflate your tires. You can also purchase separate air and horn components and hardware, including a complete wiring kit or tire inflation kit.

Our vehicle specific air horn kits are 100% bolt in and require NO cutting or drilling. Just bolt it right up.

Upgrade Your Horn 
You may want to upgrade your horn for safety or simply for a louder sound. Browse or search our large selection of air horns and train horns. Factor in the loudness as well as the additional components required to use an aftermarket horn. Find the right horn for your vehicle in our wide selection of Kleinn products. You can also order valve upgrades to further boost the sound of your horn.

Add Additional Features
Horns that rely on an onboard air system and compressor involve adding multipurpose accessories to your vehicle. When you install an onboard air system, you can also add a tire inflation kit. In addition to boosting the sound of your horn, you can depend on this feature to adjust tire pressure anywhere at any time.